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Why must I live longer? by Hessanite
Why must I live longer?
So yeah, this is Twilight a few hundred years after her ascendance. She's been practically alone due to a war which cut out any chance of socialization, and had actually taken up a mantle as a warrior princess in order to protect her country. This leaves little time for her to make friends, and her alicorn magic is fading since she is no longer generating the magic of friendship. So... Here's a little scene.

   The mist clung to her wings and hooves like old, blind geldings, but her earth pony magic neutralized the resistance she felt. Her horn lit the rough path before her, overgrown with weeds and thorns, and each sign of neglect was a stab to her heart. How long had she been gone? The lavender mare, closer to a wisteria than true lilac nowadays, counted back the years with growing trepidation, and realized that twenty had passed. 
   Unable to take such trips during the course of a war, where every guard was on edge and the four princesses were kept under lock and key except when they needed to act, she had been gone. Her old home, Ponyville, had become a small city, growing past its boundaries and leaving behind histories which remained as dust to the earth.
   Her hooves froze midstep as her magic revealed the worst. possible. thing.
   The five headstones should have stood tall, if timeworn, even after so long. But there was nothing, nothing at all. Her friends' graves were destroyed, nothing more than five piles of rubble. The pain stole her breath, even as tears she thought had been released welled up once more.
   Their deaths had nearly destroyed her. Not just emotionally, but even magically. She had been hard-put to lift even a pebble after the funerals. Now their final resting grounds were desecrated... but how?
   Instinctive outrage flooded her, and her magic brightened poisonously. She launched forth a spell, some part of her still quivering from tears.
   /i "Don't." i/ The voice was hauntingly familiar. She couldn't place it. Her magic dimmed.
   /i "Darling, you've never allowed yourself to heal, have you?" i/ Confused, she looked about. Shadows would have reined the overgrown graves... if there were not five faintly glowing lights, each a different shade of the rainbow, in the grass.
   Cautiously, she levitated out the lights. To her shock, each was a stone, each with of the five cutie marks she knew as well as her own. A lightning bolt and cloud, a balloon, a diamond, an apple, and a butterfly.
   She blinked and set the five stones down. Each resumed its own glow, and the voice returned.
   Twilight Sparkle sighed in frustration. "Guess I've finally snapped."

Probably not the best way to tie it off, but I might fix it.

Twilight Sparkle (c) Hasbro (or is it Discovery Family now)?
Defend My Crown by Hessanite
Defend My Crown
My version of a Nightmare Celestia (I call her Solar Flare), battling Princess Luna. The anatomy's a bit iffy, but I still love how it came out.
Deviantart is the first thing I see on the computer every day, and very likely the last thing I see before shutting down for the night. I found it years ago, and made an account on my thirteenth birthday, which was now... over three years ago. Gosh. I found Deviantart through Google Search, noticing how some of the coolest pictures came from this site. So, I checked it out.

It was pretty much love at first site (pun intended). Everything was amazing. I hadn't seen much color on anything except Facebook (fun fact: I don't use Facebook...ever), which was bad for me considering I didn't have a Facebook then. This site helped me become a better artist because I could compare and learn new things, experiment with new tricks and mediums. Without this site, I'd still be scribbling, and be half as good as I am now. Now, I know so many different things about art that a school wouldn't even try to teach us. Sure, we learn how to throw clay on a wheel, sure we learn pointilism, and ancient long-dead artists' names and works (not to say I don't respect those dead artists; a lot of them had life a lot harder than most of us), but they don't teach us how to love art. That's not something you can really teach at all. (although you CAN teach someone to love anime, but that's different)

That's my story as best I remember. Here are my featured arts. It's more than five, but it's impossible NOT to include so many amazing pieces of art.

A beautiful depiction of one of my favorite creatures that hails from the lands of myth and legend: the gryphon! I chose this because it shows raw strength and intelligence.

Vhachuir (Sanctuary) by windfalcon
This made my long for the open sky, and to seek freedom on a legend's feathers.

Shwish and Mordi by Morgan-Michele
Not strictly an awe-inspiring picture, but cute and playful. It makes me smile at least!
Rooftop Balance by jollyjack
This is awesome. I love superheroes and what they represent: justice.
I'll Catch You, Spike! by Earthsong9405
Yes, the fandoms enter this journal too. One of my favorite artists drew this, and the playful yet vibrant energy gets to me every time I see this.
Hungry Heart by Culpeo-Fox
This... is hilarious. Makes me grin and chuckle every time. It also shows anatomy, though I'm pretty sure hearts don't have teeth.
Genie by i-s-p
A simple sketch that shows something mysterious and intruiging.
Wild like the Wave by Fourth-Star
This picture is stunning. Every little detail is shown.
White tiger by dragonscreative
Abstract isn't my favorite, but this is too beautiful to ignore.
The Midnight Fairy by Ashe-Star
Cute, pink, and simple, though intricate!
Big Bead Dragon Tutorial by Rrkra
When I discovered beaded art, I went kinda nuts with it. This is a tutorial for more advanced beaders.
Birth of a Mermaid by sakimichan
Mermaids. Different people have different ideas, and this one is a favorite of mine.
Pern Gold Dragon - Wraith by frisket17
Beautiful. My gaze is always drawn to that rainbow eye, so sad she looks!
Pandaiger by DarkKenjie
Adorable! A little tiger in pajamas makes me smile every time.
Generator Rex by dehdwood
This...was nice. I like this. Enough said.
Flower Dragon Bouquet by The-SixthLeafClover
This made me go daw! It goes to show that a picture or craft of any kind can evoke emotion!

This, I simply likes because it was a different take on something I knew of.

That's all the pictures I will feature. They're from various different sources, using different mediums, and together they show that art is more than just a pretty picture. Some are projects that show art takes time, some are simply fun drawings, while others are a symbol of an artist's intensity towards their many crafts.


:Insert fake name of choice:
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Okay, so I'm updating this. Well, I love talking to people, so message me if you want, and I love drawing traditionally, which is a lot easier to me. Occasionally I'll play with clay and make a dragon or something, but it's nothing serious. I watch cartoons a lot, so if I don't message you back right away, then I'm reading or doing homework or staring at a touchscreen device until my eyes burn out of my skull. If you have a cartton or anime you'd like to suggest, please comment somewhere, because I'm running out of stuff to watch every day!
I'm also easily distracted by little things. Like grammer, which is a good example, and spelling. I'm obsessessed by superheroes, My Little Pony: FIM, and my stories. Unless I actually po

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